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Did you know...
  • Rome had a birthday. The Romans believed that their city was born on April 21, 753 BC!
  • The Romans invented central heating. There were gaps under all the floors of the house so that warm air could flow through.
  • Roman footwear had hobnails. Their leather soles were studded with nails to stop them from wearing out.
  • Roman guard dogs were made of glass and stone. The pictures sometimes came with the words cave canem: "Beware of the dog!"
  • Romans wore wedding rings. The bride and the groom signed a contact to became man and wife, just as people do today.
  • Roman school boys wrote on wax tablets, using a pointed stylus. They could melt the wax to reuse the tablet again and again!
  • The Romans used to throw up at dinner parties. Sometimes people made themselves sick just so they could fit in more food.